Bitter Infertiles is hosted by 4 awesome ladies.


 Mo and her husband (Shmerson) started TTC in May of 2010. Since then, she’s had three miscarriages, one stillbirth at 22 weeks, and a whole lot of surgeries. Oh- she lost one of her tubes last year which – according to her – makes her “Infertile-Chic”. She’s also got the “fun” fat and hairy form of PCOS. When she’s not obsessing over pee sticks and achieving pregnancy number 5, she works as a filmmaker and web content editor. When she’s not doing either of those (a rare feat) she enjoys painting, good food (both cooking and eating), watching crappy reality TV, ranting against the Hollywood Studio System, and dyeing her hair strange colors.  Oh – she also has a blog.


Shelley has been dealing with infertility since her miscarriage at six weeks in February 2010. Since that time, she and her husband struggled to conceive for nearly 18 months before finally seeing a specialist in November 2011 and receiving a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. Now after one IUI that resulted in a chemical pregnancy, one cancelled IUI cycle and one failed IVF cycle, they’re no closer to achieving a pregnancy. They’re currently planning a series of frozen transfers with their seven remaining embryos. When not obsessing over TTC, Shelley enjoys being a foodie, reading (everything from literature to fashion blogs), smooching her pit bull, painting her nails, and planning her next tattoo. She blogs at Tales from the Waiting Room.


Jessica (AKA jjiraffe) is a stay-at-home mother to twins, thanks to modern science. She somewhat resembles a giraffe, hence the weird variation on that word (Jjiraffe) as her nom du plume. She also sometimes says obnoxious, pretentious things like nom du plume. She loves traveling, reading, pretending to be glamorous, and eating at really fancy restaurants. She hates cleaning messes, seeing her hair with its natural roots showing through, being tired and eating at home. The truth is that she does very few of the former and a lot of the latter.

She blogs at Too Many Fish to Fry.


For Cristy, having children was always suppose to be a given. From a young age, she watched the women in her family easily conceive and bring children into the world, so she always assumed that when she and her husband decided to expand their family, it would be effortless. In January 2011. they were diagnosed with the dreaded ‘unexplained infertility’ and following this, began the roller-coaster ride of fertility treatments. Now, after 3 failed IUIs, 3 failed rounds of IVF/FET and two early miscarriages, they are left with zero explanation for their infertility other than it’s a case of ‘bad luck.’ They are currently in the process of healing and recovering from the roller-coaster ride and preparing for the next chapter of their journey: adoption.

Cristy blogs at Searching for Our Silver Lining.

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