Episode 18!

Posted: January 22, 2013 by Mo in Uncategorized

Infertility and divorce.

Wherein we discuss how to avoid the worst-case-scenario when it comes to your relationship.

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Episode Resources:


CDGs blog: http://adventuresininfertilityland.blogspot.com/


Resources from RESOLVE:






Finding help:




  1. nicole says:

    CDG was the first infertility blogger I found when trying to deal with secondary IF. What u all talked about regarding how you think all will be fine once the baby gets here. A baby is amazing and wonderful but a baby or two will amplify any problems a marriage has or make new ones.

    • cgd says:

      thank you so much. i totally agree, its very complicated

      • jaclyn says:

        CGD I was a long time reader of your blog, and I wanted to wish you well. I was so sorry to learn of your divorce, and hope that you have found a happier path in life. Best of luck to you

  2. Kitten says:

    Great episode! Exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. I’m keeping this episode on my iPhone to listen again and again, as my husband and I navigate this difficult journey.

  3. torthuil says:

    First episode I have listened to and excellent content! (I have read CGD’s blog for a few months and am so impressed by her, too). Very glad I heard this before starting any treatments – it’s given me a lot to think about. thank you.

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