Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Bitter Infertile?

Posted: November 13, 2012 by Mo in Uncategorized

Hear ye, hear ye!!!!

Um – ok, I thought that would make this all formal and stuff. But really, I can pull that off as well as I can pull of saying “yo dog”. Which is not at all.

Eh-hem. Ok. Announcement time!

We’re looking for a new Bitter Infertile to join our podcast party!

Are your pipes messed up?

Do your ovaries seem to hold a grudge against you?

When you hold a baby, do you get the urge to just keep it and run away?

If you answered yes to any of those questions  – then you’ve got issues!

No seriously though –

We’re looking for another lovely lady to join our jaunty group. And that lovely lady could be you! Yes! You there, put down that pee stick! Step away from the chocolate! Come podcast with us!

Here’s our checklist of requirements – read it, contemplate it, memorize it – ok you don’t have to memorize it. Now I’m rambling. To the list!

  • Willing to commit two undisturbed hours per week (usually on a weekend) every week, in a nice quiet room with a decent internet connection. The room can be padded. That’s optional.
  • Willing to reveal your plumbing issues to the world on a weekly basis.
  • Have access to a decent internet connection, with skype installed.
  • Willing to keep ongoing email contact throughout every week to discuss show ideas, etc.
  • Speak decent English, you must. Welcome, exotic accents are. Wait, when did I become Yoda?
  • You gotta be infertile. Just in case that wasn’t clear from our podcast title.

That’s it! See how easy? Don’t you want to join us?

You know you do. Just admit it. Yeah, we thought so.

Just email us – – with a brief bio and all the reasons why you’d be an awesome addition to our podcast!



Do I have to be a blogger? Of course not! We are a podcast for everyone – not just the blogging community. Non-bloggers are totally welcome!

Does it matter where I am on my journey? Nope! We’ll look at everyone who’s interested and figure out who can balance out the group. You can be parenting after IF, gearing up for your first IUI, contemplating kidnapping…. All are welcome!

Do I need experience in podcasting or radio? Nope! But you do need to be a talker. That kind of comes with the territory.

I have no more questions, but this is an FAQ, and it seems like only three questions is a little lame. Your mamma’s lame.


So get on it! Email us! Uncle Bitter Infertiles wants YOU!


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  2. chon says:

    oh man I would love to be involved but I don’t know just yet if I can do the two hour thing. and I don’t have skype but I do love to talk about my useless ute.

  3. […] Don’t worry, we’ll be back and better than ever next week. In the meantime catch up on old eps here  and JOIN US!!! […]

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