Episode 2 is Live!

Posted: September 4, 2012 by Cristy in Uncategorized
Click here to get it and here to download through iTunes!
Here are some resources we discussed on the podcast, in case you want to check them out:
Super-fertile article:
Miscarriage and loss sites:
Saying Goodbye services: http://www.sayinggoodbye.org/
Faces of Loss: http://facesofloss.com/
A Glow in the Woods: http://www.glowinthewoods.com/
Faces of ALI:
Happy listening!
  1. Stinky says:

    Loved this (and the first one, but this one more). Thanks! Loved the talk on miscarriage and losing the sparkle – wish I could have heard this 3 years ago, also the talk on adoption stood out too. (And yes, Kardassians are unreal)
    Perfect to listen to while I’m working on the puter too, thanks, a good chunk of time to sit with!

  2. Lavender Luz says:

    I had such a fun time hanging out with you ladies! You’re smart and sassy and entertaining. Thanks for including me this week, and I’d love to join you again (if you’ll have me :-))

  3. Anna says:

    This was great! Amazing job, yet again!

  4. chon says:

    Are you guys going to design a little graphic that I can have on my blog? I am thinking about finally opening up to the public again and think it would be great for us all to have something people can click on to come over here. xx

  5. marwil says:

    Really great listening, so much important and interesting stuff you discuss. Well done ladies!

  6. […] got to be part of a podcast recently with the Super Bitter Infertiles. JJiraffe interviewed me, along with Mo and Cristy (Shelley was on vacation and I didn’t get […]

  7. Detour says:

    I’m just catching up with the podcasts and a little behind, but wanted to let you know how incredible this episode was. You all are so well-spoken, educated, and well-prepared for the podcasts. I loved hearing more about Lori’s thoughts on open adoption.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Just found this podcast! I listened to the first podcast as well! I don’t know anyone other than myself going through this, so I’m thankful I can listen to you wonderful ladies talk it out, and share information. Thank you! 🙂

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